Do you know
your processes?

What is process mapping?

The goal of a process map is to document, understand, and improve the way a business works. 

It is a  tool that outlines every activity, role, and business entity involved in your end-to-end processes.

Using symbols and flowcharts it gives clarity on:

  • Who is responsible for a task in a process?
  • What is the standardised method of carrying out a process?
  • What is the goal of the process?
  • What are the required inputs and outputs?
  • How all the processes interact with each other?

As-Is process example: how to make a cup of tea

As-Is, the current situation.

This map shows the current process for our business partners making tea, but there are always uncertainties:

  • Teabag first or milk first?
  • Milk before boiling water?
  • How long to stew for ideal strength?
  • How long to cool for optimum temperature?

To-be process

To-Be, the desired situation

After consulting with the business partners, we agreed the standard for making tea.

  • Milk always after teabag and water added
  • There is a preferred colour for the tea
  • There is an optimum cooling period before drinking the tea.



Standards are different for different people, the important thing is people agree on what their standard process should be, and this can change over time!

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