Know what your employees think

- Anonymous surveys for a harmonic working atmosphere, efficient cooperation and better results

Be honest: would you like to look into your employees’ minds, listen in on private conversations and observe internal conflicts?

We can’t offer you NSA methods to spy on your team. However, we can provide you with anonymous employee surveys. These supply you with the same results. They enable you to identify and eliminate important disruptive factors by approaching them with targeted changes. This way, not only your employees’ performance is increased – but also their work satisfaction.

This is what the results of your survey look like

Sample questionnaire employee survey

Sample individual evaluation of 11 questions of an exemplary survey

Final report of the company XYZ Ltd.

Employee satisfaction means productivity

We have developed MAUS to keep your company on the road to success. MAUS is the employee survey for the work and company situation. The anonymous answering of 65 standard questions creates a detailed picture of your employees‘ current view and assessment of the company. After the anonymous survey, you will receive an evaluation and analysis in a personal meeting. The decisive factor here is the individual recommendations for action. This way, you not only collect exciting information via the employee survey. You can also put the new findings directly into practice. This means: with MAUS, you evaluate the current mood and increase satisfaction with targeted measures. And this way, you promote the productivity of your employees and ensure the long-term success of your company.

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Employee surveys are the basis for your company’s success

In any place people meet daily, sympathies and friendships develop, as well as dislikes and resentments. In order to understand the emotional state of your employees and to align your company, processes and cooperation accordingly, anonymous employee surveys provide your data-based basis.

You’ll be able to identify social obstacles analytically. You’ll be able to eliminate these with concrete solution proposals, which our experienced experts will provide you with. This way, you can set all sails for your company’s success and steer your business into a successful future.

This psychological method pursues the long-term goal of improving the quality of internal communication and cooperation, thus forming a solid and targeted basis for the future development of your company.

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You will receive sound results with our tried and tested psychological questionnaire. You will receive the evaluation as a pdf file. An easy-to-understand traffic light system shows you very specifically, which areas are in the direst need for immediate action, thus also showing you which of your company’s areas show the most potential-

Naturally, you and your employees can rely on guaranteed anonymity and strict data protection.

Your survey benefits

Concrete recommendations for taking action – support with an efficient implementation

For you as the boss, it’s not the results of the survey that are decisive to you, but the measures derived from them. That’s why we will advise you personally after the employee survey has been carried out. Mr Behrens himself will propose individual and promising solutions and will support you with his network of experienced specialists every step of your way.

This way, you will not only receive an exciting result, but also a roadmap, which is set out to put your company on the road to success in the long run.

What our clients say

We conducted the anonymous survey with our employees and made some very surprising, but also interesting learnings. I can recommend this to any entrepreneur, who wants his team to feel good and enjoy coming to work. Many thanks again to Kerk Behrens and his team!

Jonas Eisert

Managing Partner & CEO Loft Film GmbH

The recent online employee survey at AKOTEC by the consultant Kerk Behrens has completely convinced me. The time required was significantly reduced compared to face-to-face surveys, the employees appreciate the anonymous survey and the catalogue with approx. 60 questions is well thought-out and covers all areas of a company where dangers could lurk. Since the survey was conducted simultaneously for all AKOTEC employees, there was also no possibility of mutual influence. The survey helped AKOTEC a lot in identifying areas where the management team still finds tasks for the next six months, i.e., until the next survey.

Reinhold W.

Managing Partner & CEO AKOTEC Produktionsgesellschaft mbH

Since the cooperation with Mr Behrens, our operational processes have improved considerably. With his help we have been able to restructure them. This has created clear positions for each employee. Especially in a small company like ours, this is indispensable and increases productivity enormously. Mr Behrens supports every single employee in his ideas and analyses their benefits together with the employees. His neutral and objective view of our company and his direct manner have healed our company blindness!

Günter B.


Sample questionnaire employee survey

Sample individual evaluation of 11 questions of an exemplary survey

Final report of the company XYZ Ltd.


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Secure your free initial interview now. Find out what benefits an anonymous employee survey offers – especially for your company. Just fill out the short form on this page.

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