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Our mood barometer and employee surveys offer companies valuable insight into the opinions and needs of their teams. Find out how you can improve the working atmosphere and increase your employees’ motivation and satisfaction. Contact us for individual advice and solutions tailored to your company’s needs.

In 3 days you will learn what is good for the company

and what you can do to retain your employees

Keep your employees with you

Instead of constantly searching anew, your team stays with you.

Improve wellbeing

A simple but effective way to do something for the workforce.

Increase appreciation

For a better cooperation and for each other within your company.

This is what awaits you:

100% anonymous employee survey

To ensure that as many people as possible participate, we guarantee absolute anonymity and refrain from any tracking.

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Stimmungsbarometer Group 48095595

Sentiment barometer with accurate assessment

A comprehensive and descriptive evaluation allows you to make well-founded decisions.

Easy implementation, remote and on-site

On the day of the survey, your employees will receive a link by email. You can include everyone or individual teams.

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Be recognised as an employer with vision

Are your employees extremely satisfied? Then you will receive the Employer with Vision award from us.

The annual balance sheet for your working atmosphere: The mood barometer – employee survey provider

On the shareholder side, a good annual tax balance sheet is reassuring. But how can you improve employee retention? How do you keep the know-how in the company?Nowadays, employees usually change spontaneously. At least that’s what the managers and shareholders think. But often problems and concerns accumulate unspoken for a long time. Until the barrel overflows, it usually goes unnoticed in the executive suite and all of a sudden several key employees leave the company. You may feel that something could be improved, but you don’t really know what it should be. A management consultancy couldn’t really help you and your “trusted” employees don’t want to come clean.

How do managers and owners find out where the employees’ concerns lie?

With MAUS: The employee survey for the work and company situation. This 100% anonymous and fast tool was developed with psychologists and entrepreneurs to help companies with more than 10 employees grow and increase internal satisfaction.


Die Mitarbeiterbefragung für die Arbeits- und Unternehmens-Situation.


The employee survey for the work and company situation.

Book your free consultation now! Here we find out how our anonymous & psychologically tested employee survey will improve your working atmosphere.

This is how you conduct the anonymous staff survey:

Make a free appointment for a preliminary discussion. A survey is an intimate and internal matter. That’s why we talk personally in every appointment about how to conduct your survey.

After our discussion, you will receive an individual offer to schedule your employee survey.

We set everything up technically and organisationally and convince your teams of the anonymity of this survey.

For example, through an individual training video for your employees.

As many participants as possible give their feedback and you become capable of acting to address the problem areas in your company.

In recent years, participation rates have been 90-95% of employees.

Make a free appointment for a preliminary discussion. A survey is an intimate and internal matter.

That’s why we talk personally in every appointment about how to conduct your survey.

We set everything up technically and organisationally and convince your teams of the anonymity of this survey.

For example, through an individual training video for your employees.

After our discussion, you will receive an individual offer to schedule your employee survey.

As many participants as possible give their feedback and you become capable of acting to address the problem areas in your company.

In recent years, participation rates have been 90-95% of employees.

The 2018 Gallup poll found: 71% have a low emotional attachment to their company.

And even 14% have no emotional attachment. They just “go to work” every day.

As soon as it is no longer fun or the career does not deliver what was promised, 85% are willing to change.After conducting several hundred employee surveys and with the help of our expandable and psychologically tested question model, you keep your employees motivated and they stay on the ball. They get an objective voice.

This is what keeps them with you and binds them emotionally to you and your fairness.

There is no better and cheaper management consultancy in a modern company than the unbiased, anonymous view of its employees.

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter &Amp; Ceo Loft Film Gmbh

We conducted the anonymous survey with our employees and had some very surprising but also interesting learnings. I can recommend this to any entrepreneur who wants his team to feel good and enjoy coming to work. Many thanks again to Kerk Behrens and his team!

Jonas Eisert

Managing Partner & CEO
Loft Film GmbH

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter &Amp; Ceo Akotec Produktionsgesellschaft Mbh

The recent online employee survey at AKOTEC by the consultant Kerk Behrens has completely convinced me.
The time required was significantly reduced compared to face-to-face surveys, the employees appreciate the anonymous survey and the catalogue with approx. 65 questions is well thought-out and covers all areas of a company where dangers could lurk.
Since the survey was conducted simultaneously for all AKOTECers, there was also no possibility of mutual influence.
The survey has greatly helped AKOTEC to identify areas where the management team still finds tasks for the next six months, hence until the next survey.

Reinhold W.

Managing Partner & CEO
AKOTEC Produktionsgesellschaft mbH

Stimmungsbarometer Group 4722

Since working with Mr. Behrens, our operational processes have improved greatly. With his help we were able to restructure them. This has created clear positions for each employee. Especially in a small company like ours, this is indispensable and increases productivity enormously. Mr Behrens supports each individual employee in his ideas and analyses their benefits together with the employees. His neutral view of our company and his direct manner have cured our operational blindness!

Günter Böhning

Managing Director
vectorcam GmbH

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The company, which specialises in the production and distribution of special software solutions, commissioned UnternehmerBerater in 2018 to conduct and subsequently evaluate an employee analysis. In order to find problems and consistent solutions, one-to-one meetings were held with all employees and the head of the company following the evaluation.
The results: Concrete team meetings had not been scheduled before in favour of informal hallway discussions. Due to strong company growth, new employees were hired, but not part of the ebf. grown communication structure. In order to optimise communication in the company, a corresponding communication and organisational structure was set up and implemented.

Detailed employee survey and restructuring of a West German company


Don't wait for more churn and layoffs!

Honest and regular reflection is priceless. What counts here are real opinions and not “role-playing” in the appraisal interview. If you have more than 10 employees, the grapevine is very powerful. Counteract it and start regular surveys now.

Even if you don’t find anything unusual, employees will be happy if you conduct another survey in the following year – and include them in it.

How experienced entrepreneurs manage to achieve the best results with their teams using a survey:

You want well-trained employees who are loyal to your company?

Then use a survey to find out where employees feel they are not trained enough and how they feel about your company.

Are you looking for a clear basis to justify decisions in the company?

In this case, you can add individual questions that respond precisely to your objectives. We check them psychologically to see if they are suggestive and work for a successful survey.

Your employees are leaving the company and you are looking for a way to listen to them more and let them have their say?

So you can use a survey to make your staff feel good.

You want to be completely sure that the survey can help your company?

That is why we always conduct a free consultation before each survey and assess whether and when a survey makes sense and brings the corresponding success.

Employees come to you and stay with you because of your values. But what are they?

An employee survey based on our model will also show you this, in order to shine with lived values in recruiting.

Why do we always have a conversation beforehand?

The employee survey is suitable for all entrepreneurs who employ more than 10 employees.

A smaller number of participants would no longer be sufficiently anonymous. With the evaluation – the mood barometer – you can take the right new measures (for example, more home office, less digitalisation, etc.).With this method you find out WHERE there are problem areas in the company.

Our network and team specialists will then be happy to show you how these problems can be solved.In order to check whether your company is suitable and how we can carry out the survey in your company, we will talk to you beforehand in a personal appointment. Click on one of the buttons that lead you to the appointment booking.

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30 years entrepreneur & lawyer:
Kerk Behrens – the head of MAUS

Together with an experienced team of experts consisting of entrepreneurs, HR managers and psychologists, Kerk developed the MAUS system. Over 100 surveys were evaluated and condensed to the most effective 65 questions.

Today, he and his team conduct anonymous employee surveys, which are analysed using the mood barometer (MAUS). This allows shareholders to justify HR decisions and owners to get perfect feedback and quasi internal management consultancy.

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In an initial telephone appointment, you discuss the survey strategy with Kerk Behrens and he decides whether and when a survey of this kind makes sense in your company.

A team of psychologists, HR experts and entrepreneurs

For years, we have been working on how you can manage your company more efficiently and in a more goal-oriented way. How to create a basis for decision-making and how to present evaluable and easily understandable information to investors and shareholders. We want your employees to stay and feel good all around.Dissatisfied employees leave. Usually suddenly and when you don’t need it. To get two steps ahead of the situation, you need to A) know where the problems are and B) be able to justify what action needs to be taken with the staff.All this is achieved through our anonymous staff survey.

We answer the following questions, among others:

Just write us a message on Whatsapp. We will answer you immediately. Click here.

For an employee survey, you invest a flat rate of €996.74 in the further development of your company up to 25 employees. Beyond that, it depends on the number of employees and can even be reduced to €4.98 per employee.

With MAUS, you as management or shareholder have a quick opinion status quo of the employees in front of you. This helps to identify smoldering issues before they become a problem. Management can then take concrete countermeasures before the issue becomes a serious problem. You will receive the evaluation within 3 working days after the online survey.

All your employees need is an Internet connection for their smartphone or computer to receive the survey link there and complete the survey in about 20 minutes.

Every company with more than 10 employees should conduct a survey, as this gives them the feeling that they are included and that their opinion is important to the company. Leadership gives the impression that employees are to be taken seriously and this strengthens their willingness to stay. Whether several levels of management or the individual manager can follow this tool with its easy-to-interpret results and draw the appropriate conclusions.

MAUS is particularly interesting for companies with several branches and subsidiaries. This is because it allows the headquarters management team to see what the respective employee sentiment is at the time of the survey in the respective branch and why there are so many resignations there in particular.

The survey itself takes 20 minutes, the evaluation takes place within 3 working days and is sent to you as an encrypted PDF file. Immediately afterwards, you will have a one-hour final interview with Kerk Behrens in person or with one of our psychologists.

You can easily measure employee satisfaction at this link

Support for the entire German-speaking area andEuropean foreign countries!

The employee survey MAUS is a customisable tool that we can translate into almost any language to easily conduct an anonymous survey in any of your locations without any obstacles.

Make a free appointment now!

We discuss when is the perfect time to conduct an employee and company situation survey and

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